Tangents: Lethem/Cage, Kracfive Gaming, iOS Updates

4’33 Neoteny: Jonathan Lethem gave the tenth State of Cinema address at the 55th San Francisco Film Festival on April 21, and wired.it posted a bootleg of the audio. The sprawling lecture, which is highly recommended, is very much a novelist welcoming film to post-relevancy. Of course, Lethem turns matters of relevancy on their head, […]

Lisbon & Comments: The Top 10 Posts & Searches of February 2012

The most popular post of February 2012, out of 28 total posts for the month, was (1) the announcement of a new Disquiet-commissioned project, LX(RMX) / Lisbon Remixed, in which eight musicians under sixteen names remixed the sounds of urban Lisbon. The project was a collaboration with artist Jorge Colombo. Also among the 10 most […]

The Disquiet Junto Project List (0001 – 0480 …)

The Disquiet Junto is a group I founded on Soundcloud.com. The purpose of the group is to use constraints to stoke creativity. Each Thursday evening I post a clearly defined compositional assignment, and members of the Junto are to complete the assignment by 11:59pm the following Monday. The initial Junto assignment was made on January […]

Past Week at Twitter.com/Disquiet

Re-read Jasia Reichardt's Computer in Art for like 10th time. Slim 1971 book about computer graphics but with obvious musical application. # Obituary for Egyptian artist/musician Ahmed Basiony (1978-2011) with partial list of exhibits: http://j.mp/fjAyvg via @africancolours #jan25 # Morning sounds: cars, hard drive/fan, no birds, no planes, no bus; fridge asleep, like everyone else. […]