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  • Morton Subotnick's Silver Apples of the Moon among 25 recordings newly added to Library of Congress. Also: Tupac, Wagner: #
  • Just love the idea of "smart crates" in Serato. #
  • Fascinated by how even slight movement of a headphone cable can be so amplified in isolation earbuds. Maybe Bluetooth is the way to go. #
  • RIP, hip-hop pioneer and gothic futurist Rammellzee (b. 1960) #
  • 32,072: Number of members of the "Ban football from vuvuzela concerts" Facebook group: #
  • Just realized I was in New York for 57 consecutive hours last weekend & never heard Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, Jay-Z, or Bon Jovi once. #
  • Morning sounds: car passing, two hard drives (laptop, Tivo), fridge, unidentified distant engine. #
  • RIP, music publisher/producer Francis Dreyfus (b. 1940), influential in career of Jean Michel Jarre & others #
  • RIP, tuba player Aaron Dodd (b. 1948), troubled formed member of underappreciated jazz ensemble 8 Bold Souls #
  • Neat. With the exception of a month when an @drumc0rps write-up became a spam magnet, last month was the biggest yet at #
  • Autechre's Oversteps still not growing on me. #
  • Golden Gate Park aircraft-drone update: apparently they were hunting two dogs that had attacked someone. #
  • Either there's an under-publicized drone concert going on in Golden Gate Park, or aircraft have been circling slowly for half an hour. #
  • Bum speaker on Muni 31 bus in SF is adding fizzy snare-drum reverberation to every beep and automaton vocal that the vehicle emits. #
  • Just realized how much extra stuff is packed into reissue of Un”‹-”‹Herd Vol”‹.”‹1, awesome avant-hip-hop by @whyarcka #
  • RT @tobiasreber hi marc, did you hear about this? care to share? [I hadn't — thanks for spreading the news.] #
  • Desktop fan came on suddenly and loudly, signaling a 200mb cut'n'paste. #
  • RIP, Allyn Ferguson (b. 1924), Hollywood composer, third-steam proponent: #
  • RIP, Parliament-Funkadelic's Garry "One Nation Under a Groove" Shider (b. 1953): #
  • When's insta-translate coming to @twitter to help me follow musicians like @ichiro_0414 & @ryuichisakamoto etc.? #
  • The loungey in-plane soundtrack on @virginamerica turns most night-time landings into little Michael Mann films. #
  • Sounds at 35,000 (or so) feet: engines, cabin personnel, bleeding headphones, cackling children, typing (mine), occasional overhead beeps. #
  • Really, I need to install bloatware @realplayer in order to get audio notes (amr files) to play in @evernote on my Win7 netbook? #
  • S__> is the statusicon (staticon?) for being stuck in airplane on runway. S15__> is when stuck with 15 planes ahead of you, as I am now. #
  • When statusicons supplant emoticons, among the first will be "stuck in airplane on runway." #
  • Can now break cover during surprise trip to NY for dad's 75th bday. Enjoying LIRR sounds now ("Syyyyyy-oset," "Bable-en") en route to JFK. #
  • Subscribe to @emusic? Then the 19-track Grand Valley State University Terry Riley: In C Remixes costs just 9 credits/linden/clams/whatever. #
  • For the Win by @doctorow — a teen thriller that's actually a strong defense of unionizing. Detailed take on video-game economics, too. #

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